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Despite advances in awareness, it is clear there remains a significant social stigma surrounding mental health. Prescription Pixel is a safe, inclusive and accessible online resource for people to explore, learn about, and share stories around mental health and wellness.
We are passionate about video games, and promote research into the psychological benefits of gaming. We believe that gaming could be a positive and beneficial experience for anyone, and look forward to the future prospects for games in mental healthcare.

You are most welcome here.

What is mental health? How does it feel to have a mental health diagnosis? Clinically verified information about a variety of conditions anybody might experience.

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Not only are games becoming a new way of expressing our experiences, they are also a valuable therapeutic tool. Find a game that can help through a tough time.

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Sharing your experiences can be both cathartic and helpful to others who are going through the same thing. These brave individuals have told their stories in the hopes it will help others.

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Over 1000 Gamers Share their Experiences

Commander Shepard is the strong, independent kind of woman I want to be. Bioware is very good at writing inspiring characters to help you put your problems in perspective and realize, "Hey, maybe that thing you're scared of doing isn't so bad. And if it does go poorly, it'll be fine. Life goes on."Sera
I think information, support and advice on mental health should be available to anyone, regardless of what social scenery and subculture they consider themselves a part of. @GloriousU
Getting into a flow state with a game is a great analgesic. You forget your troubles and your pain. Gaming isn't something we should do so much that we're avoiding our problems or our feelings, but as a temporary measure here or there it's great. Jamie Fristrom
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Video Games and Mental Health

How does playing video games make you feel?

Do you play for escape?

Have you ever played games that immersed you so deeply that you came away thinking and feeling differently about life?

We believe that gaming can foster health and wellbeing,
enhance social connectedness and help you flourish through
challenge, immersion and flow.


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Serious Games

Games which have specifically been created for, or about, mental health issues. Or both! Categorised by condition to help visitors find the most relevant games.

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Mass Effect

The Vault

This is a huge collection of user submitted games which people have felt helped them during difficult times. Our survey got >1000 responses so there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Categorised by condition and platform.

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Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Final Fantasy
League of Legends

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

Character Psychology

Articles related to infamous video game heroes (and villains) and what may have been going on for them from a psychological point of view. Make sure you submit your theories too!

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Check out the blog for up to date news on research, inspirational stories from user submissions, and a library of inspirational links to start your mental health journey.

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