Uncharted Territory - Renovations

Hey guys!

It's been an amazing few weeks! The site has undergone a moderate re-design, including heaps more game related stuff. I wanted to balance the scales, and relate things back to the source, the reason we're all here - that games are awesome. It's mostly aesthetic but it's pretty cool either way.

The Vault subsite has changed a bit too. The new features include:

- Statistics gained from our research at panels across Australia about the benefits people get from video games and which games help
- A collection of quotes from your top 5
- Psychology profiles from a collection of video game characters exploring parts of their personalities and experiences people might be able to relate to
- A renovated blog! (How meta)

And with the renovations are plans for expansions! I want to expand to a more interactive community now that we're established, to continue a sense of support and an increased ability for users to network with each other.

So the new things that we're going to start integrating include:

- The Developers Support Site is now in production
- User forums for sharing experiences, giving support and making like-minded friends - perhaps we can start a multiplayer community which we can use as a safe and inclusive space with no risk of trolling etc :-)
- A suggestions shoutbox for ideas of games and areas of the site for development
- Reports from PAX and other conventions
- Clinical research development updates

Let me know what you think of the new site, the new pages, and the ideas for the new directions. You can try out the comments field, which I haven't tested yet so it would be pretty useful. Otherwise, I can be reached on Twitter most easily!

Oh and I apologise in advance for the many blog updates today! I have a lot to let you guys know!

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