Gone Home

"Investigate the Greenbriar family’s house. Discover the story of what’s happened to them. Go home again."
- Official Site

"Emerging from the jigsaw of notes, photographs, and cassette tapes is a story of coming of age for Kaitlin’s sister, Sam. Her crisis resonates through the house with a certain level of familiarity. In large part, this comes directly from Gone Home’s game design. The tone and pace of gameplay transform the Greenbriars’ “normal,” suburban house into an intimidating encounter. Sam’s story is woven into this exploration through objects and narration, allowing the player to normalize and internalize Sam’s conflict as he/she conquers the fear of moving alone through the house. Sam’s story, intimidating not only as a crisis for her to overcome, but also as something for Kaitlin to come to terms with and for a game to carry as its storyline, becomes normal through this process. By blending Sam’s story into the experience of the game, it can be carried along by the nostalgias we possess as players."
- Games for Change