There Are Monsters
Under Your Bed

"It is a text-based, RPG-esque escape-the-room game. You must train yourself, battle monsters, make dietary decision, and find clues to solve why you are trapped and how you can escape. There Are Monsters Under Your Bed is is a metaphor for battling depression, and is a game I started writing as a way to distract myself from the nights where I would otherwise lay in my bed for hours doing nothing but staring at the ceiling."
- Official Site

"The Twine-made adventure game There Are Monsters Under Your Bed addresses depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia situated within a horror framework. Its encounters, dialogue and text are immensely personal, told exclusively from the perspective of the protagonist and player character. The main thing that differentiates it from similarly structured games like Amnesia is that the mental illness is not used as a device to set atmosphere and create tension — it is the sole focus of the game.

"Your illness in There Are Monsters Under Your Bed isn’t there simply to make your run-ins with monsters more frightening, your illness is the monster. The player finds herself locked alone in a room unable to escape as an incredibly apt metaphor for being trapped inside your head as a mental illness sufferer, unable to break out of destructive thought processes."
- Patrick Lindsay, for Polygon