"Nevermind uses biofeedback technology to detect your levels of stress while playing. When you start to become scared or anxious, the game will dynamically respond to your feelings of stress, which in turn directly affects gameplay.

One exciting facet of Nevermind is its potential to serve as a full-fledged therapeutic tool for those who suffer from issues – mild or severe – relating to feelings of stress, anxiety, PTSD, or other similar conditions.

Dedicated to creating "games that give back", one of our long-term goals is to craft a health-centric version of Nevermind specifically targeted to help actual patients develop tools to manage and ultimately overcome their conditions."
- Official Site

" A biofeedback-enhanced psychological horror video game that challenges players to go outside the comforts of reality. Nevermind was developed as a MFA thesis at the University of Southern California and with support from IndieGoGo crowd funding participants. "
- Games for Change